Respect towards the sea

We aim for innovations without forgetting our origins, the lessons derived from long experience in the fishing industry.

We prefer Mediterranean fishing, operating the acquisition of raw materials in the periods of the year most favourable to its capture, but we acquire species from the seas of the world thanks to the in-depth knowledge of all the major fishing areas FAO, from the Atlantic to the Oceans.


We know how important sustainable and ecological fishing is.

We have adhered to the FAO Code for Responsible Fisheries, to international standards for sustainable fisheries. The fishing plan to which we adhere is committed to reducing waste in the production process as much as possible, paying particular and constant attention to methods of recycling raw materials.

We have full respect for what can be caught, where, when and for how long.

The best catch

The direct presence on the places of capture guarantees the absolute quality of our catch and our products.

Presence, monitoring, and control are the strengths that give our company the highest quality of assortment, acquisition, processing, storage and distribution of the product caught.
Thanks to our organization we can react quickly to changes in the market, always offering the best service to our customers.