Caught from all over the world

Our products are fished in the Mediterranean Sea and oceans around the world. Among the references: squid, octopus, cuttlefish, sole, shrimp, prawns, swordfish, and many others.

It is necessary to spend as little time as possible between the fishing of the products and their processing to ensure the high-quality standard. All this certainly requires strict discipline, a strictly organized logistics structure and hyper-modern structures for processing, storage, and distribution. We carefully evaluate the quality of our transport partners, as well as the strict quality controls in our warehouses.


Respect for the sea and its thousand resources is fundamental, it will allow us to select only the best raw materials to always offer the best quality.

All our frozen and frozen fish are subjected to a careful and meticulous selection. Each stage of the production process must meet strict requirements, only at the end of the Quality path are chosen and prepared to be placed on the market.

The constant search for quality.

Our highest point of strength is the availability of a wide range of products, which comes from a large corporate organization. Our frozen and frozen dishes are perfect to use both for the preparation of Haute Gastronomy dishes and for traditional home cooking.
The wide variety of products comes from the careful and daily monitoring of the major fishing areas, by our team, directly on site.

The quality controls implemented by our supply chain in the production process are carried out through internationally standardized methods that monitor the product from its primordial form up to the final product immediately before shipment.

Processing and refrigeration, quick freezing and superior quality.

Thanks to our “cold technology” all frozen foods freezing in the shortest possible time. This very fast lowering of temperature crystallizes the product preserving, taste, flavor, then goodness and quality.

Products for medium and large-scale distribution

The products of il Mare in Tavola are able to meet the needs of all purchasing groups in Italy. Through an organized and consolidated cold chain, all risks of thermal shocks are eliminated with a guarantee of timely delivery that will ensure the highest quality of products and the full satisfaction of customers.

Storage center

Our industrial group has acquired over time a great experience in the processing, freezing and storage of its products. The Tirrenica Group now has cold stores with controlled atmosphere and temperature, with a capacity of over 2000 cubic meters with storage shelves arranged on 5 levels. Our company now has the necessary technical skills to better manage the entire life cycle of frozen and frozen foods. We guarantee full respect for the cold chain, which allows us to maintain frozen products at a constant temperature and never lower than -18 C along the entire route from production to sale, including the stages of transport, storage, and exposure.