From the sea to your table.

Visible warranty for our products. Because for us the extreme quality of the products of Il Mare in Tavola is not only a goal to achieve, but much more: a deep and delicate responsibility that involves the satisfaction and well-being of many consumers.

In our company quality starts from very far away, from the capture sites, to the processing and storage points, up to the points of sale. Only thanks to this file wrath of ours, to this organization of ours, we can get in the homes of our customers, a product frozen but of extreme quality.

QThis meticulous organization allows us to guarantee the quality and taste of a product as freshly caught, our visible guarantee is in every single product of prodotto de Il Mare In Tavola.


The quality of our products is born and grows with them.  

Food rich in Omega 3 and proteins, you find them natural or already breaded, ready to be cooked.
A careful selection of carefully selected fish products, but above all easy to prepare, available in food service or retail formats.
With the products of “il mare in Tavola” bring every day to the table the first or second courses of fish, tasty and healthy.